P.H.U.T. Bartosz Marian Orlikowski

TEL.: 58 687 61 03
TEL. KOM.: 502 212 388
FOREIGN SALE: TEL. KOM. +48 606 905 210

About Us

he enterprise BARTOSZ is the famous producer and exporter of wooden goods connected with garden architecture in the native market. We have been selling successfully our goods in the home market as well as abroad especially to EU countries. To make our products we use certified wood of the highest quality coming from clean ecological Pomeranian forests.

All our products are preserved with non-toxic means and natural pigments as requested by our customers. Our articles preserve their natural properties during their long term utilisation. All products are made according to our own designs or individual demands of our Clients.

In May 2001 the Kashubian economic Forum awarded the third prize to our fancy goods.

All customers who are interested in our offer are welcomed to visit our permanent exhibition that is in the area of our company. We can send our catalogues with an actual price-list and reply to every question connected with the offer. Instructions of fitting up with illustrations are enclosed to every product.

We recommend our wares such as:
Palisades, rollboarders, fences, hedges, gratings, bowls, landings, tables, benches, hammocks, swings, seesaws, chutes, little windmills, bridges, wells etc.

We also produce:
COTTAGES: Summer-houses, farm buildings, market stalls BOWERS, ARBOURS, UMBRELLA ROOFS And OTHER wooden constructions.